organic farming practices

The life cycle of the herbs used in Verdus BioHerbs products begins in the fields.
We are dedicated to the use of organic farming practices and the application of the most natural methods of plant cultivation.
We avoid the use of harmful pesticides to guaranty that the quality of the products we produce are free from any harmful chemical residue.
Specialized agronomists supervise the cultivation process from start to finish in both our company-owned farms as well as the farms of our partner farmers. This ensures the quality of the herbal ingredients. The personal care we take to the herb cultivation process is what distinguishes as from our competitors and provides the maximum health benefits to our customers.



The 130 hectare fields of the company are located in the region of Epanomi, 25 km south-east of Thessaloniki. The dry climate with mild winters and hot summers results to high quality herbs and essential oils.


We are dedicated to exclusively using organic farming practices. The personal care we take to the herb cultivation process ensures the quality of the herbal ingredients.


Every step we take in the Verdus BioHerbs is done with respect to the environment and dedication to organic farming practices in the growing process of the herbs.

  • Our company has a special water recycling facility so that water is continuously recycling without being taken from the aquifer of our planet.

  • We use natural gas in our drying herb process because it is the fuel choice that uses minimum energy consumption and produces the fewest emissions. We have also selected this energy choice for heating our factory in order to make our carbon footprint to the environment as small as possible.


  • Our fields, where the herbs are growing are located close to the factory, to reduce as far as possible the use of pollutants in the environment during the transportation of the plants.




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