“Every business starts with an idea that’s first placed on an empty piece of paper. Then it’s important to gather likeminded individuals to add love, patience, persistence and hard work to bring this idea on paper become reality.”

In Verdus BioHerbs S.A. we use a holistic approach to implement our idea and create a brand of the highest quality herbal products. Our well-designed, high-tech factory is based in a 12.000 m2 building and it can process dry herbs and essential oils under the highest standards. Our 4.000 m2 warehouse keep the products in perfect conditions.

A team of specialized agronomist and chemist loyal to their duties supervise all the phases of the production to ensure the quality.

Our goal is to bring satisfaction to our customers through our products. We encourage you to try Verdus BioHerbs S.A and see the difference for yourself.



The 120 hectare fields of the company are located in the region of Epanomi, 25 km south-east of Thessaloniki. The dry climate with mild winters and hot summers results to high quality herbs and essential oils.


Verdus BioHerbs has an automated dry herb production line, equiped with cutting machines, sieves, cyclone and air separators resulting the different diameter sizes of the herb particles according to the customers’ need.


Verdus BioHerbs has made a substantial investment in distilling equipment that has been designed according to the European standards for distillers. We own 8 dry steam distillers of 10.000 lt each.  Our distillery is the biggest in Greece.


Our company owns 6 floor dryers 40 m2 for the right drying of the aromatic plants.


Our 4.000 m2 warehouse keep the products in perfect conditions, away from heat, humidity and light.

Our experienced stuff in Verdus BioHerbs offices is willing to satisfy your needs.


Every step we take in the Verdus BioHerbs is done with respect to the environment and dedication to organic farming practices in the growing process of the herbs.

  • Our company has a special water recycling facility so that water is continuously recycling without being taken from the aquifer of our planet.

  • We use natural gas in our drying herb process because it is the fuel choice that uses minimum energy consumption and produces the fewest emissions. We have also selected this energy choice for heating our factory in order to make our carbon footprint to the environment as small as possible.
  • Our fields, where the herbs are growing are located close to the factory, to reduce as far as possible the use of pollutants in the environment during the transportation of the plants.




Our group of companies is active in the agricultural sector as well as in renewable energy sources over two decades


  • Is one of the 5 biggest investments in solar energy in Greece

  • The capacity of the project is 5 MWp and it spreads over a total area of 20 hectares
  • It eliminates 7000 tons of carbon emissions from the environment annually




  • One of the biggest companies of Greece’s agricultural economy
  • FERTIHAL S.A produces fertilizers of excellent quality

  • The company was established in 1998 and has an upward course since today

  • Our persistence to modern ways of cultivation led us to a new project except the production of fertilizers. The cultivation of Greek Herbs under biological farming standards

Verdus Story.

We always focus on quality

Our story began many years ago in a humble village in Greece. A small boy was playing in his yard when suddenly, he injured his hand and cried out. When his father saw what happened, he promptly treated his son’s wound with a soothing homemade extract of herbs grown in his own garden.
That son became the founder of Verdus Bioherbs. You see, he had soon realized that the wide variety of herbs and spices supplied by Mother Nature had more to give humankind than flavorings for food and drinks.
The memory of having his injury treated with herbs ultimately inspired him with a great vision. He would collect every beneficial herb and share their remarkable medicinal properties with the rest of the world. Verdus Bioherbs encourages customers to embrace nature and enjoy its daily benefits through natural herbal remedies.


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